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 A Vision for Everyone

The original vision for the Walkway project was to create a way to travel by foot from the Bayonne Bridge all the way to the Ross Dock in the Palisades Interstate Park. The Walkway will be connected and safe from motor vehicle traffic, taking advantage of the most spectacular views of Manhattan that can be had anywhere. It will benefit the whole community, increase property value for residential uses and create a walkable, mixed-use community where once only industry had seen the waterfront fit for use. Mixed uses such as those seen in Weehawken, Jersey City and Hoboken have clearly helped the economy as these towns rebound.

When people choose to live in a desirable waterfront community, they can take advantage of their unique location and access to the river. They enhance their lives by walking to the store along a scenic river walkway, eating at an outdoor cafe near water’s edge or working within walking distance of their home. All the time urban renewal is achieved. The economy and the health of the river become intertwined and the quality of life improves dramatically. Residential areas are conveniently linked to the business communities that need customers and employees. Traffic is eased as cars are used less and bicycles and feet more. Business booms, while residents enjoy convenience, a beautiful view and a place to get fresh air and exercise. Utopia at the river’s edge? You bet!


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