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Improvements Needed


One challenge is to get the public to understand where the perpendicular access points are to enable them to get down to the waterfront. Often we see, particularly with commercial developments, that the perpendicular access points run through truck routes and service areas. It is very uninviting for the public to go down these back alleys in order to get to the water.


Another challenge is how to link the different linear paths up with one another. There is often not a lot of thought given to how two different parts of the Walkway are linked up. Sometimes they have a different grade or materials. In many areas you cannot make a clean link between the two pieces of Walkway.  ‘Dead End’ walkways are the final challenge. This is where a section comes to an abrupt end because it is either not developed or not soon to be developed. The public often has to take a long, circuitous route in order to get back onto the Walkway.


- Leah Healey


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