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-It will probably take 2 years + to repair the Terminal Building. All of the electrical, sewage controls, HVAC, Heating, telephone, elevator, fire suppression system need to be replaced on the first floor. We also need to replace and repair the roof, doors, windows, walls, bathrooms, furniture, flooring. etc.

The ferry slip and walkway in front of the Terminal Building will take 1-2 years to repair.

-It will take close to 2 years to repair the Nature Center. Work there includes flooring, walls, some new exhibits, and roof work.

-We are in the process of the getting estimates to repair all the electrical controls to lighting in the park. We estimate that the light posts will be working by the end of the year.

-Over a 1000 tons of debris were removed from the park.

-The hurricane Sandy winds took down over 100 trees. The storm surge has damaged dozens of trees that are now dying off.

-The picnic and playgrounds areas are being worked on. We hope to have them open to the public sometime this summer.

-The Public Boat Launch is open. The floating dock and ticket machine still need to be replaced.

-The Park office is open 7 days a week. Unfortunately, we are having serious problems with our phone lines and internet lines.

-The DEP has hired a Disaster Management Consulting Company to specifically assist Liberty State Park in the FEMA paperwork and bureaucracy. Our consultant has put Liberty State Park's damages at over $20 Million.

-The park hours remain 6AM to dusk.


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